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Practical Innovation and Web Development

The web is a powerful tool. Atomic Design custom application development enables you to have web based tools that automate your business processes and enable your website to do what you need it to do. Web applications can better service customers and employees through technology; automating tasks and adding value.

What Makes Us Different?

Design for Goals

Too many developers think they know best and focus on only the technology. Atomic Design meets with you to understand your business goals then offers designs that achieve those goals. Everything is designed before it goes to programming.


Atomic Design doesn’t believe in reinventing the wheel. If we have done it before, your project will benefit through reductions in time to market and costs.

Launch and Learn

What good are web based apps if they aren’t being used or servicing the needs of your end users. Atomic Design will be there to track and improve where your system needs it. Usability is key.

Custom Application Development

For those clients who want more than just written content on their websites, Atomic Design offers custom application development. We have experience designing and developing numerous types of applications for a wide variety of industries.

Atomic Design application development services are for mobile or desktop solutions.

Custom Development Examples

Staffing & Employment Portal

Manage repetitive HR and staffing duties, with job posting, asset management, communications and forms

A simple customer relationship management (CRM) backend makes it all easy.

E-commerce & Shopping Cart

Our professional e-commerce solutions provide an incredible retail platform in which to sell your products.

Atomic Design has worked with existing solutions as well as built custom shopping carts. Either way, manage your business easily. Unlimited products and categories, easy to update content and pricing, along with unique product variable options, make a cart powerful yet flexible. All solutions are search engine friendly.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Maintain total control of your website with the worlds most popular CMS. Every site we create is built on the powerful, yet flexible, WordPress platform. We are able to work with other popular content management systems as well but love WordPress for its flexibility and ease of use.

Document Centers

Go paperless. If you have documents or processes that should be integrated with your website, CRM and CMS then you need a web based document center. You may opt for a simple customer portal with customized content and attachments (pdf, Word Documents, etc.) or an entire business and customer application.

HR & Corporate Intranets

Some compelling arguments can be made for implementing a corporate Intranet. Become more efficient than your competition and communicate with employees, "remote" employees, customers, suppliers, partners, etc. Professionally represent your company or organization to job candidates by giving HR better tools to manage and attract the best and the brightest individuals. Implement a secure intranet in phases and learn the benefits while customizing it to your organization.

Auto Industry Solutions & Auto Configurators

Our web based auto tools provide power and flexibility that is unmatched in the auto industry for small and large auto dealers alike. These turn-key solutions may be fully customized and offer auto configurators, real-time pricing and rebates, lead tracking, search engine optimization, and a variety of industry leading functionality, all at a competitive price.

Travel Destination Portals

As a tourism operator or travel destination you want a website that reflects your destination, appeals to visitors, is easy to navigate, and ultimately encourages your visitors to contact or book with you.

Our vacation, tourism, and business travel website solutions provide you a powerful CMS, advanced site search, trip planners, social media tools and industry leading search engine optimization. Acquire more targeted visitors and generate more business and increase conversions for yourself or your regions travel destinations.

We Can Develop Custom Applications For You!

Atomic Design has an amazing and talented team ready to program your custom application.

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