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Looking for reliable hosting solutions? We are able to provide shared hosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers depending on your requirements. There are many web designing companies out there to chose from. We have provided the information below to assist you in your decision-making process.

Our servers are housed in the INFOMART Telecom Hotel near downtown Dallas, TX. Our services are for companies looking for dependability, quality, and the peace of mind knowing problems will be taken care of promptly if they do arise.

Please note that there will be no additional licensing fees for the necessary Microsoft software.  The following licenses are included in all hosting plans:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008Website Hosting best web hosting
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Hosting Environment Specifications

LAMP and Microsoft hosting options available.

The INFOMART telecom hotel/datacenter – Dallas, TX

  • A multi-million dollar facility
  • The building sits atop three redundant electrical grids from TXU delivering
    diverse power to each quadrant of the building.
  • Over twelve switch sites and thirty-five different carriers call the building home.
  • Power backups – Parallel 500Kva UPS Battery Backup Units & 2000Kw Diesel
    Generator with Onsite Fuel Storage
  • Temperature controlled – HVAC needs are supplied via five one hundred ton
    on-site water chillers to deliver the necessary N+1 cooling requirements as well
    as redundant Liebert 20 Ton HVAC Units
  • Fire Suppression – Pre-Action Dry Pipe
  • Proximity Security Badge Access
  • Digital Security Video Surveillance
  • 24/7 technician staffing

Every Hosting Plan Includes:

  • No Setup Fees – with 1-year contract
  • Fast Activation
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Performance for whatever use of web design you have in mind

SSL Certificates 

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates enable secure communications, and interactions for websites, intranets, and extranets, if required.

Atomic Design will provide and install an SSL certificate in order to protected users when making financial transactions or submitting other sensitive information to the site. We offer 128-bit encryption SSL certificates all the way up to 256-bit encryption certificates signed by Verisign.

SSL Certificates costs are per year and are automatically invoiced and updated.

Streaming Video Servers 

We offer streaming media hosting for your online media requirements and the following types of media (TBD):

  1. Microsoft’s Windows MediaWebsite Hosting website hosting
  2. RealNetworks’ RealMedia
  3. Apple’s QuickTime
  4. Adobe Shockwave/Flash
  5. MP3, MPEG

The modular architecture of our Content Delivery Centers places your media on systems that enable maximum uptime. Using load-balancing technology in combination with network distribution provides high performance and multiple redundancies over multiple high-powered streaming servers, dedicated for each format.  Robust power backup capabilities and fire suppression systems are provided in a secure environment that is monitored 24/7. A 99.9% “uptime” guarantee is available. Website maintenance and support services are also available in addition to hosting.

  • Major Tier 1 backbone carriers
  • Customers have the best possible experience when viewing media
  • Global load balancing system to take high quality to the next level by directing end users to the data center closest to them.
  • Local load balancer constantly monitors the health of each stream, assigning new requests to the best performing server and routing around any server or local network failure that could occur.
  • Several high-powered servers clustered in groups, each group dedicated to serving one particular format.
  • Redundancy to withstand hardware and software failure
  • Scalability to add servers as capacity needs expand
  • Security to remove servers routinely from service for patching ensuring servers remain secure and performing optimally.
  • Backup data is stored off-site in a high-security vault provided by Iron Mountain.

Additional Hosting Services 

Atomic design offers a wide variety of optional hosting services and consultations. Let us know more about your online business model or website marketing and we will provide you with a comprehensive set of options for a successful website hosting package. To view some website layout examples view our portfolio. Some of the additional options include.


Email Hosting 

Limitations of Service

Provider is not responsible for training Customer or Customer’s employees on the use of their respective email clients. Provider is not responsible for troubleshooting email problems not directly related to the Shared Email Hosting Services and the Providers equipment, facilities, or services.

Provider is not responsible for maintaining and renewing Customer’s domain name, MX records, or other DNS-related functions if Customer’s domain name is not hosted by the Provider

Provider is not responsible for Customer’s domain being listed on any third-party blacklist or suppression list not under Company’s direct control. Provider is not responsible for troubleshooting or correcting any problem with Customer being able to send or receive email to or from a third party due to blacklists, suppression lists, third-party software or firewalls, network security settings or any other factor not directly under Provider’s control.

Excessive Use of Services

Provider may impose an additional charge or a restriction of services at any time that Customer’s use of the Shared Hosting Services imposes a considerable effect on Provider resources or system performance. Provider shall have sole discretion as to what constitutes excessive use and what is considered a violation of either the Provider Acceptable Use Policy or level of services that the Customer is currently using. Provider is responsible for monitoring such excessive use for the account as a whole and has no responsibility to identify a Customer’s individual end-user, employee, or another agent who may or may not be responsible for the excessive use of services. Provider may force the customer to choose whether to upgrade their hosting package to a more robust plan or suspend/disconnect their account.

Upon account deactivation, termination, or deletion, all store files, logs, email messages, attachments, address brook entries, mailing lists, or other data stored on Provider’s servers will be deleted within 24 hours. Once a Customer’s account has been deactivated or terminated, prior notice of 24 hours will be given to the customer so that they may back up all files. If the customer would like, AtomicDesign can perform the backup and customer will be filled for 1 hour at the current programming hourly rate.

Spam Filtering

Provider is not responsible for any lost emails due to the spam filtering software on the mail server. Provider is also not responsible for any malware, spam, or viruses by the client through their e-mail server.

Our Nashville web design company also provides hosting for companies nationwide.

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