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Yes, there is a method to our madness. We have been doing this online marketing thing longer than anyone we know.

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A proven methodology for online success

In business since 1997, Atomic Design began providing a full suite of digital marketing services in 2001. Our process aligns technology and marketing to provide a seamless digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing focuses on creating quality content and establishing a brand that attracts potential customers to your company and products or services. We have a proven track record of getting the marketing right the first time by taking three critical actions into account; attract, impress, and convert. By aligning all components, you will attract visitors, impress them enough to contact you and maximize conversions.

Three Digital Marketing Actions

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Quality traffic is, and all components of attracting visitors focus on content and communication. You want visitors who are most likely to become leads and, ultimately, satisfied customers. It is critical to identify high-value networks and content, track user interaction with your content then tie it all back to your bottom line through goals and conversions.

Some of the most important tactics to attract quality visitors to your site are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your customers begin their buying process online, usually by using a search engine to locate a desired product or service. You need to make sure you rank when customers search. Optimized content and link building targeting keyword phrases buyers are searching for is a way to accomplish this.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

You must share relevant and valuable content on social networks and communities where people engage with your content. Share in the dialogue and engage prospects by putting a human face on your brand.


A blog is the best way to attract new visitors to your website. You must create relevant and informative content that answers questions and speaks to your potential customers. Digital marketing is all about providing a positive experience across all digital touchpoints. Your website is the most critical touch point, and fortunately, one that you have complete control over. Design, ease of access, and content combine to create the user experience.


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Look and Feel

The design is everything. It sets you apart from your competition, expresses your brand, maximizes perceived trustworthiness, and determines whether or not site visitors are going to take the time to read your content and explore your website. Great design can play an essential role in improving a website visitor’s experience as well as the usage of acceptability of the site.


Using visual cues and interactive elements, while following web standards, gives you a way to enhance your visitor’s experience. Always design for your users and keep page load times as fast as possible to improve the user experience further.


Once visitors decide to read your content, you must engage and inform. Providing remarkable content that speaks to your audience will go far. Once you have attracted visitors and established a positive first impression, you must convert those visitors into leads. Typically a lead consists of a phone call or contact form submission. Converting is not only about conversion rates but rather determining why potential customers drop out at specific points during the process and eliminating roadblocks to increase sales.

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Some of the most important tactics to convert site visitors to leads include:

Landing Pages

A landing page is a website page where an offer, in a call-to-action, is fulfilled and a mechanism to initiate contact is provided and hopefully engaged. Landing pages must be well designed, visually appealing, and easy to use if visitors are going to be converted into something valuable.


Calls-to-action is text, buttons or links that encourage your site visitors to take action. A clear statement instructing your visitors on what to do will significantly increase your conversions and repeat visitors.


Forms must be filled out and submitted for a visitor to become a leader. An optimized web form will make the process as comfortable as possible.

Digital Methodology

A properly run digital marketing campaign delivers quantifiable results by implementing as many tactics as possible in the three action phases; attract, impress, and convert. This methodology provides measurable results that ensure you are maximizing the potential of your website.

Digital Methodology

A properly run digital marketing campaign delivers quantifiable results by implementing as many tactics as possible in the three action phases; attract, impress, and convert. This methodology provides measurable results that ensure you are maximizing the potential of your website.

Your Digital Marketing Agency

Use brand strategy and market positioning to give your company a unique and competitive voice.

Our mission is to help our customers find their real voice, stand out and stand for something unique and of value in their highly competitive markets.

Build and strengthen your voice

Create a broader awareness of your brand

Develop a visual identity to make your company stand out

Brand Strategy and Market Positioning for Competitive Advantage.

We are a boutique brand advisory group that combines brand and market strategy with the single most powerful marketing tool on the planet – the Internet. Both have a mutual dependency as markets have become far more competitive, products and services are becoming more commoditized, and consumers have a global marketplace from which they can find a solution to their needs. Our dedication to innovative and collaborative strategic practices, combined with Internet-based strategy, takes our customers to the next level of awareness, performance, competitive positioning and market presence. It’s a powerful engine for healthy business growth in changing markets, an Internet-based business society, and a global marketplace.

We help our customers beat their competition by insightfully plotting a competitive white space, and enabling them to deliver on a consistently relevant and differentiating message effectively. Our customers’ use of the single most powerful marketing tool, the Internet, becomes vastly more powerful when it is combined with a sound strategic intention.

What is Strategic Brand and Market Positioning?

It’s critical to keep in mind that while we live in an Internet-driven society, a truly global marketplace and, a tuned-in-24/7 world, the basic principles of strategic brand and market positioning have never been more critical. To effectively compete and connect with their customers at a level that is highly relevant with customer needs and desires, all companies from professional services providers to consumer products marketers and all those in between must clearly define what they stand for in their markets and what their real value is. The alternative is allowing your competition and your customers define it for you. Read this to learn more.

Branding and Industry Change

Industry change is a given due to the evolving needs of markets, disruptive innovation caused by new applications of technology and the increasing population of progressive firms that more effectively meet high-value customer need.

We view change as a constant in business environments. Markets and the inputs that affect them continuously evolve. To remain relevant and effectively compete, companies must develop and adapt. Our responsibility is to help our clients in these two critical areas.

Our Value Model

  1. We develop a brand and market positioning that aligns our client’s interests with those of its customers acts as a strategic foundation for marketing and builds the value of the brand as an asset.
  2. We connect people inside the company with brand direction to maintain competitive strength and drive growth by:
  • Creating a more innovative culture.
  • Aligning people, processes, and behavior with strategy.
  1. We create efficient and sustainable internal innovation teams.
  2. We apply metrics to measure the performance of market-directed activities against SMART objectives and calculate return on investment.
  3. We deliver Web 2.0 strategy that facilitates participatory information sharing, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.
  4. We provide customer retention strategy through Client Journey Mapping to solidify relationships and identify potential opportunity to drive incremental growth.

Why Innovation Teams Are Critical to Long-Term Success

Economic forces such as a change in markets, change in customer need and desire, the growing service economy and commoditization of traditional value chains have made it necessary for organizations to consistently reexamine their value model for gaps and pursue new ways solve customer problems and fill a need as part of their on-going business strategy.

We must consider the fact that over time, nearly every product and professional service in existence will eventually be reduced to the status of a commodity. There is a simple fact applicable to almost any business – markets, products, services, and applications all mature in time changing a customers’ value to price ratio. The result is commodity status. Innovation focuses on the ongoing creation of new value to avoid commodity status and maintain strong competitive positioning.

There has been a significant increase and interest in internal collaboration and teamwork as catalysts of innovation. Although many companies apply a change in fruitful ways, many more companies pursue innovation without a clear understanding of the different kinds of teams that can be used to foster innovation or the methodology and types of team building that will be most likely to yield desired results. We help our clients build the teams, create clarity of purpose, provide direction, motivation, the path, and the process to innovate as part of a central business strategy and sustainable practice.

Digital Marketing Questions

We think it’s more important to say what you believe and see who follows than to chase closed minds. We keep score by asking three questions that relate to our value.

  1. Did we help someone accomplish something thought of as impossible?
  2. Did we improve our customer see the world as it is instead of the way they hope it would be?
  3. Did we help our customer grow in a quantum way?

Our Pricing Model

We price our services as fixed fees. The risk of inefficiency should always belong to us. Our pricing is based on a flexible fixed fee model. As such, the model is designed to support the theory of value delivered as opposed to time spent. We believe that pricing based on time-based rates with no permanent end to time and therefore cost accumulation is a symptom of a broken model, and can easily represent the deterioration of trust and undermine our customers need for transparency and our ability to clearly define expected value and the cost of that outcome. Our simple conclusion is that hourly billing bears no relation to what our customers want and value. Transparency is far more beneficial to all parties.

Our Performance Guarantee

We are so confident we will deliver unmatched value in the services we provide that we encourage you to determine what the cost of the service was worth to you based on your experience. If it was less than the price you paid, contact us, articulate the shortcomings, and we will negotiate a fair price with you. What we ask in return is for you to define the unmet expectation, or explain how we could have better served you.

Who We Represent

Our past clients have included Fortune technology, and consumer products companies, mid-size companies and emerging technology companies

Today, our customers include the best and brightest small and mid-market companies and business leaders of the day who desire and are poised to create the sector leaders of tomorrow. Our customer’s single commonality is their desire to improve market perception, enhance business performance and evolve to a stronger market position.

Looking for digital marketing in Rochester, NY? What about digital marketing in Nashville? Our customers are discerning and demanding. They rely on us for high value, cost efficiency, time efficiency, the ability to measure and deliver a return on their investment, and the foresight to anticipate challenges before they arise. By meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations, they give us their endorsement and their trust.

Our business model is designed in such a way, as to deliver lower managed costs while maintaining exceptionally high-quality output. We offer a 21st century model of providing value in a challenging and competitive environment. We began offering digital marketing in Atlanta in 2001. View Atomic Design as a top Atlanta web design company here.

Our Strategic Value to Our Market

It’s straightforward. We help our customers outperform their competition.

Through our engagement, our customers understand and, connect more effectively with their market to set a course for healthy growth. Our value model is based on helping our clients identify and close critical performance gaps, while also developing a customer-centred market approach, through a clear understanding of their customer’s world.

Our Development Process

The path we follow for getting our clients to a better place is comprehensive and leaves nothing to chance. There are seven distinct steps in moving from ideation to execution as shown in this chart titled Idealization To Execution.

Our complete development process leaves nothing to chance when it comes to our program objectives and the needs and expectations of our clients.

Securing Market Value and Mindshare

A strategic brand position becomes the short, highly focused, highly relevant message about a company. It is the foundation for every activity conducted by the company. The brand strategy comes to encompass all of the positive and negative associations, perceptions and experiences a customer has about the company. The sum of these will define the brand equity or value for the customer. Formal research confirms, where brand equity or value is high or higher than its competing brands, the customer will always include it as one of the top three brands in their consideration set. Being perceived as a top brand is precisely where every company would like to be.

Don’t just take our word for it:

According to a formal McKinsey & Company study, the top three business brands in a consideration set will secure as high as 70% of the sales opportunities in a market. For those Brands placed fourth or lower, the chance for sales falls to 30%.

Ideas, Energy and a Sense of Focus

As Nike seeks to make a Better World through sport, IBM builds a Smarter Planet, Starbucks preserves the resources of our Shared Planet, and GE proves that imagination can change the world-what is the future of the purpose-driven company? How can companies walk the talk?

Thoughts for Consideration:

Identify your position of strength and use it to make a difference. Determine what you produce, where you play, and what you do best-and fashion your initiatives in that domain.

Win with “thick value” – Simultaneously creating social good and business good results in what we call “thick value,” which is beneficial for everyone. New ideas and opportunities arise from this kind of value creation.

Walk then talk- Design and implement your program first. Get it right. If you want to blow your own horn afterwards, do so carefully. Scepticism about motives has sharpened in the Internet age.

Every employee should live and breathe it first – Communicate your purpose and commitment toward the market to your employees and motivate them to collaborate, innovate and set further goals. It keeps your company and your people from becoming stale and too comfortable with the status quo.

Innovate permanently – Being successful as a business is a journey, not a destination. Companies need to be flexible, creative, and tolerant of change and uncertainty. It may be unsettling at first, but in the long run, it will only be invigorating. There is a brand new energy at work, in continuously changing business environments, an Internet-based business society, and a 24-hour global marketplace -it’s time to tap into it. Install a strategic purpose in everything you do.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Why should your customers spend their time and money with you?

What makes you think you’ll be viewed differently than your competitors?

What is your unique and relevant value to each of your audience groups?

What are your customers supposed to realize when they engage with your messaging, your value proposition and your Internet-based communication?

How do you / can you connect more deeply with the high-value needs of your customers?

These are tough questions to answer in today’s environment. If the answers to these questions come too quickly, they’re probably not very sound. Think hard. Think deep. We can help you answer them.




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