Convert visitors to sales, your success depends on pages built to maximize conversions.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page that allows you to deliver targeted information as well as capture a visitor’s information through a form.

Landing pages support a specific marketing campaign, such as an email promotional campaign or a pay-per-click ad promoting a particular offering. Landing pages allow you to target your audience, provide value, and covert a higher percentage of visitors into leads, while capturing important information. Effective landing pages make it clear to visitors exactly where they are and address what they wanted when they clicked on your ad or site.

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Your marketing team has done its part by driving visitors to your website. If you don’t create targeted landing pages that speak to your visitors’ specific needs you are missing out on opportunities to convert visitors into customers. Landing pages capture leads at a much higher rate than generic landing pages.

Your landing page is the collection tool for visitors contact information. Adding value, such as an offer, is an excellent way to entice visitors to provide this information.

Landing pages are an excellent way to offer insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. By tracking page analytics for each landing page, you can collect a lot of insight into your campaigns. This information can further be used to improve your Internet marketing strategies.

Sample Landing Page Layout


The headline should reinforce the offer that drove visitors to the page as well as the CTA

Contact Form

Harvesting potential customer information is typically your goal.


A minimal amount of links or none at all to the website and important pages is advised.


Headings must compel a visitor to take a closer look.

Body Content

Value and trust are two thoughts to keep in mind when writing your content.


Draw attention to key points, make your content easy to skim, and say what you will receive.


It is crucial that visitors know what to do next.


Word choice is important; “free,” “buy,” “contact” are powerful when used properly.

The Fold

The most important information must be contained above the fold of the page.

Where Landing Pages Fall in our Digital Marketing Approach

Our Digital Marketing Approach


Your marketing efforts have driven visitors to your desired pages.


Great landing pages make it easy for visitors to have a reason to contact you.


Gather quality leads with landing page contact forms.