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Only a few of us do SEO well; rank you tops on major search engines for your keywords and drive targeted traffic to your website. We are one of the few.

Outrank Your Competition with Our Proven SEO Services

SEO is a vital part of any modern marketing. The first ranked website on Google receives 33% of the traffic. Don’t let your competitors steal market share. Drive targeted traffic to your website with our Internet marketing solutions and SEO services. Every day your website doesn’t rank is another potential customer lost.

Optimize for Realistic SEO Results and High-Value Search Engine Traffic

SEO Research

Get suggestions for keywords based on your company, products or services, and industry as well as through competitor analysis.

SEO Tracking

Establish a benchmark and track the ranking of your keywords.

SEO Monitoring

See which keywords are performing and which are untapped opportunities.

SEO Results

View results and learn where you are getting traffic and which keywords are converting.

"Our site was brand new and only live for a few months...we were already on page 1 of Google for the majority of our important keywords and our website traffic increased 112%. The team was informative and easy to work with. I'm excited about how quickly I saw results, and I believe that our Rochester SEO services were by far the greatest investment of our marketing dollars."

Melanie R.

Why do you need SEO services?

Whether you are large or small, you need to prioritize your online presence. Online marketing is essential to have in every organizations marketing mix. Stand out from the competition by getting maximum mileage out of the Internet and social media outlets available today with our SEO services that deliver results.

What is SEO?

You have heard the term SEO (search engine optimization), but what exactly is SEO? Quite simply, SEO is the process used to increase traffic to your website.

Organic SEO is the process of improving a site’s “natural” placement in search engines like Google and Yahoo! through link building and content development.

An effective SEO/SEM approach delivers better results ensuring your website can be found in the search engines for targeted keyword phrases relevant to your website.

Internet Marketing & SEO tactics

What are your customers looking for? Shouldn’t you know? Keyword research is the foundation of a successful Internet marketing campaign.

If you do not know what your competitors are doing online, it is difficult to make intelligent online marketing decisions. Learn more about your competition with our competitive analysis SEO services.

Content writing is tough! Let Atomic Design write exclusive, branded content, optimized for your SEO strategy. Convince and convert, that’s what our SEO services do.

The facts speak for themselves, companies that blog have more website visitors. Use blogging and content marketing effectively to drive traffic, leads, and customers to your business.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. Use brand strategy and market positioning to give your company a unique and competitive voice.

Newsletters help you to reach, engage, and acquire new customers. Only send emails if you have something to say and watch as you achieve your business goals.

Effective SEO strategies begin in the design and planning phase developing a website. Atomic Design will lead you through the design and development of your new site to achieve web marketing results.

Link building is an integral part of any SEO initiative. Acquiring respected, relevant and quality links is a daunting task that takes time but is well worth the efforts involved. Atomic Design will work with you on your link building strategy.

Effective landing pages convert. Atomic Design will create persuasive content to grab the readers attention while a visually appealing design and calls-to-action will lead to increased conversions.

Create strong calls-to-action that drive conversions by turning website visitors into leads. Keep it simple and make it obvious.

Social media is critical to your online presence and even plays a role with your search engine ranking. Start sharing opinions, insights and experiences with potential and current customers.

Where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Falls in Our Digital Marketing Approach

Our Digital Marketing Approach


A proper keyword strategy is essential to attracting quality leads.


Well written, targeted content provides value to your site visitors.


The right keywords convert the right visitors into leads.

You must consider your SEO as soon as the planning phase begins- focus on content, usability and link structure.

You need to believe that the web is the greatest marketing tool ever created. Once you give in to this, you will give your online marketing efforts the resources and budget they deserve.

Rank on page one for a variety of your valuable keywords
Integrate design, programming, and content for best results
Improve on a regular basis by testing, tracking and continually adapting

Ranking well for targeted keywords on the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is not an easy task. There are many companies that sell Internet Marketing Services and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but most of these firms don’t even rank themselves for competitive terms. Atomic Design believes that “the proof is in the pudding.” Shouldn’t a company that claims to perform expert Search Engine Optimize (SEO) services at least rank well for its keyword terms?

A holistic SEO/SEM approach delivers better results. Starting with your keywords and an in-depth competitor analysis, proceed to create content-rich websites and end with the proper submission of your new site to the search engines or directories. It is everything in between that is where Atomic Design achieves front-page results for you. Without competent search engine optimization website services, you will never achieve first-page ranking results.

Internet Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization Overview

What is Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization, Internet Marketing or SEO, is the science of increasing traffic to your website. SEO focuses on organic or natural ranking on the search engines. This is done by making changes to the content and linking structure your website, as well as external factors that influence rankings in Search Engine Results (SERP’s). It is a major part of Internet marketing. Web programming, usability design, sales and your industry are all parts of the equation. Creating a website that delivers first page results organically, will assist you in achieving revenue goals. With internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization you don’t just get more traffic, you get more conversions; your customer acquisition cost goes down and your customer retention rate and lifetime value go up.

Why Online Marketing?

As research, news, communications, and commerce shift from print applications to online networks, it is becoming increasingly neccessary to drive relevant traffic to your website with better search engine optimization. Don’t just wait and hope for customers to find you; drive targeted traffic to your site with our firm’s comprehensive traditional and online marketing solutions. Our dedicated team of marketing experts works to give your company the greatest chance for success.

You don’t just get more traffic; you get more conversions
Your customer acquisition cost goes down
Your customer retention rate goes up
Your customer lifetime value goes up

Greater Return On Investment (ROI)

Traditional outbound marketing techniques – including direct mail, print advertising, and telemarketing – are becoming less effective. Buyers are not only finding ways to tune these messages out but more importantly they now have the capability to evaluate the products and services they need on their own.

As a result, businesses are transforming their marketing efforts to online programs that allow customers to find them. Companies that more aggressively do this are capturing leads more efficiently and in larger numbers. Given the digital nature of online marketing, the marginal cost per customer acquisition is typically close to zero, meaning that your investment in search engine optimization will continue to yield greater economies of scale as time goes on – whether you are local or global.

Who benefits from Internet marketing and SEO services

We have yet to find a company that did not benefit from being on page one of a search engine and working with an experienced and local SEO firm. When done correctly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the potential to give you the most return on your investment, when compared to any other form of marketing.

To see how easily your website can be found, go to your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, or Yahoo!), and type in the keywords you want your site to be found for. While doing this exercise, consider the fact that the World Wide Web contains more than 25 billion pages and one trillion unique URLs.

Will your customers be able to find you?

Examples of search engine results

We do not consider anything less than page one ranking a success when it comes to measuring organic SEO results. Page 1 results are only part of the SEO equation but our organic SEO results speak for themselves.

We helped this start-up to gain significant web presence in one of the modeling capitals of the world, through search engines by getting them ranked for targeted keywords in New York (NY).

Based on a thorough understanding of your industry, your goals and budget, our SEO consultants will work with you to develop and implement the most appropriate search engine optimization plan to promote your website by ranking on page 1 for your keywords.

If you don’t know by now why you need to rank on page 1 and implement SEO, here are some reasons:

1.More then 80% of the web site visitors come from the search engines

2.Search engine users hardly ever go beyond the second page of search engine rankings

3.It’s estimated that the top 30 search results receive 90% of search traffic

4.Over 81% of Internet consumers rely solely on search engines to locate and buy goods or to research many decisions

5.An advertising campaign on the Internet is relatively cheap in comparison with other forms of media advertising

Start achieving online results today