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Web Support

Web support is an important post-site launch service that should be considered when recreating or posting a new website. Using your website design and development provider to perform support makes sense. They are familiar with your site pages, functionality, and intent.

It is not a question of will your website break, but when will it break. Everything made by man eventually has technical issues and a website is no different. A website support program allocates hours on a monthly basis for any situations, bugs, or errors that arise. We allow maintenance hours to be rolled over to the next month if not used and they may be applied to any design or programming services.

Other common support tasks include, hosting and hosting issues, technical questions and support, domain name renewals, email forwarding account setup, training, etc.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website current, monitored, and managed is more important than ever. Web visitors and search engine crawlers prefer fresh content on sites where content is added on a regular basis. Web maintenance plans are perfect for companies that are too busy to maintain their website or that are overloaded with tasks that your time is better spent performing. We can help relieve this in-house stress by offering responsive support via our programming team. Maximize your website ROI and visitor satisfaction with regular web maintenance.

Common maintenance tasks include, but are not limited to, content updates, image updates, news and press releases, new product updates, price changes, new page creation, social media updates, article writing and copy writing services, employee pages (adding or deleting), internet marketing, and seasonal offer updates. All services fall under maintenance and include programming, design and marketing. Once your needs are established we can put a plan in place to accommodate your online needs.

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