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How Does Web Hosting Work?

A website is a collection of multimedia files that have been published to the Internet. When a business purchases web hosting services they are essentially renting server space to display their site.

Types of Web Hosting Services

There are three main types of web hosting businesses can choose from. Most web hosting providers will work with you to determine which of the following hosting options will work best for your needs.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for small websites that don’t require much bandwidth. With shared hosting, users share website resources with other websites on the server. The downside to shared hosting is that your website’s performance can by impacted by other site’s on the server taking up more than their allotted share of system resources.


VPS stands for virtual private server. Fewer users share a VPS server, which provides sites with more bandwidth and storage space. VPS hosting provides users with more flexibility in terms of installing software and adding additional services.

Dedicated Servers

As the name suggests, dedicated server hosting services allow users to lease an entire server, providing them with incredible flexibility. Dedicated bandwidth users have no traffic restrictions other than the capabilities of the server itself. Users experience a higher level of stability because they are not sharing resources with other sites.

Cloud Hosting and IT Support


Before deciding on a hosting service, it’s important to inquire about reliability. Business owners should think of their website an additional storefront. When a site is down or not functioning properly a business will lose credibility as well as money.


SSL or Secure Sockets Layers were used primarily for ecommerce sites in the past, but the Internet is trending toward full encryption. An encrypted site protects your visitor’s information on the web. Get ahead of the curve by securing.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers a level of flexibly that traditional hosting simply cannot compete with. Cloud hosting offers the freedom to work on a site from anywhere, and the ability to add more bandwidth to a site at a moments notice. Issues are also resolved faster with cloud hosting.

Our Hosting Services Feature

Atomic Design servers are housed in an SQL Relational Database Management System. We provide dependable hosting services with a full support team to proactively address any problems that may arise.

Complete Managed Security

Managed Firewall, Server Hardening, Two-Factor, and Server Vulnerability Testing are included on all servers at no additional cost.

Disaster Planning & Recovery

Backups of your critical data is included at no additional cost to you.

Email Hosting

Seamlessly manage your email services under your website hosting plan.

Enterprise Cloud DNS

Unlimited Cloud DNS for your domain names, providing you with easy setup, powerful control, and incredible speed.

Monitoring & Rapid Response

Our team will resolve any issue that arises.

Secure VPN Access

Ability to access your server securely over PPTP or SSL VPN is included at no cost.

Proactive Maintenance

Schedules hands-on administrator time guarantees maintenance updates are performed each month.

SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryptions protect users when making financial transactions or submitting other sensitive information to the site.