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Atomic Design creates award winning mobile websites for companies and organizations. Without a mobile-friendly, responsive website your future online is bleak. If you aren’t providing a mobile-friendly experience for your customers they will visit your competitor whose responsive website is easier to use.

The future is mobile. The future is now.
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The Atomic Design Difference

Responsive Design >

We create responsive mobile websites that look good on any device, automatically adjusting to the viewing devices screen size.

Mobile CMS >

Our mobile CMS was built from the ground up using responsive design, so your content will look great on any device.

Custom Web Design >

We don’t use templates. Every mobile website design is custom to your company, reflecting your brand and appealing to your target audience.

Before and After Website Redesigns

These days most people already have a website. Unfortunately their existing sites are not serving their business needs. Below are a few examples of websites before working with Atomic Design and the results from a professional mobile website redesign.

Mobile Website and Custom Application Development Case Study

Lecesse Construction

Atomic Design created a responsive mobile website that looks great on the desktop, phone, or tablet, as well as a custom mobile app for Lecesse Construction to use to keep their clients updated with ongoing projects.

Responsive Mobile Website
Custom Phone App
Mobile Web Award Winner


"Atomic Design did a great job taking our old static site and creating something new and original. From concept to creation, Atomic did more for less."

Peter S.
Senior Vice President

Mobile Website Design

Conception & Strategy >

We help our clients launch the best mobile websites possible through proper planning and fine tuned Internet marketing strategies.

An expertly crafted user experience must feel natural and interactive on all devices. We strive for clarity and simplicity while using task-based web design, so users can move swiftly through completion of website tasks.

The user interface must be consistent from one view to the next and provide feedback to the user in a straight-forward design. Mobile website design can’t afford to waste time or space.

Responsive websites require a unique approach to programming enabling one website to work for all devices and browsers.

Device & Browser Testing >

With users visiting your website via desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets as well as multiple browsers and browser versions, testing is an extremely important and often overlooked component to your websites success.

Maintenance & Support >

Running a website takes time and with the importance of ranking on the search engines, content updates play an important role. With constant usage websites require troubleshooting and debugging in addition to updates.

Where Mobile Web Design Falls in Our Digital Marketing Approach

Our Digital Marketing Approach


A great design encourages your visitors to read content and interact with your site.


Everyone enjoys a positive website experience. Separate yourself from the competition.


A better experience assists with your sites goals and leads to more customers.