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The grand ole opry Nashville nashville grand ole opry


The Grand Ole Opry was started on 28, in 1925 by George H Day as a one-hour radio “ban dance” on WSM, currently owned and operated by Opry entertainment. it was dedicated to the honoring of country music and the culture. During the 1930’s after becoming quite popular with audiences, the show began hiring new professionals and expanded the show to four hours, subsequently progressing to become the Saturday night musical tradition in nearly thirty states.


In 1939 it debuted nationally on NBC radio and moved to a permanent home on Ryman auditorium. It is mostly associated with the fact that it helped acquire Nashville the title of home for country music. The grand ole opry is so important to the city that its name is included in all major roadways including Music City/Metropolitan Nashville Davidson county/home of the grand ole opry.


Membership to the Grand Ole Opry is extremely exclusive and remains the country music’s crowning jewel. Country legends such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, patsy cline, Marty Robbins, Roy Acuff, the Carter family, bill Monroe, Earnest Tubb, kitty wells, and Minnie Pearl were a frequent act at the ole opry, only making its prestige soar.

The Grand Ole Opry makes certain requirements of its members to sure certain levels of interactions are maintained. That includes maintaining a certain number of mandatory performances by members to keep their membership active. This ensures that audiences always have a guarantee of listening to their best performances live from their favorite musicians whether old or new.

The grand ole opry Nashville the grand ole opry nashville


The Grand Ole Opry is also a good source of education in terms of creative arts, and provides opportunities to interested parties to work with it. It also provides job opportunities for applicants who get the unique chance of working at the Grand Ole Opry.

Since 1978 the show has been hosted from the Grand Ole Opry House east of downtown Nashville with an annual three-month winter foray back to the Ryman since 1999. Performances have been sporadically televised in addition to some TV programs.

Winding up

Over the last decade, the grand ole opry has seen country music grow, and become a universal phenomenon, at the same time maintaining its homely and honest feelings it holds. It has provided as much support as it could to the genre creating a fruitful and nurturing relationship with the audience and the music.

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