Link Building Services

A comprehensive linking plan and strategy takes into account the internal link structure of a website. An internal link structure is how pages within your website link amongst themselves. Internal linking plays an important role in getting your site to rank highly for multiple keywords.

Internal links are the easiest to obtain and to optimize. When properly used, internal links ensure your web pages are crawled by the search engines and that site pages are indexed. These internal links help to create themes and relevancy, leading to an increase in the Google PageRank of internal site pages. Internal links include navigation text links, keyword embedded text links, and breadcrumb links. These high-level link structures define your hierarchy and help direct your site visitors (and search engines) to on-topic pages.

Achieving Maximum Results

Maximizing internal pages through links helps in ranking for long-tail keywords and a larger quantity of keywords. The more of a subject matter you become on niche keywords the more relevant your site will become for the broader site topic.

You must keep your links and keywords targeted and on-topic in order to see improvements. Define each pages keywords and topics, and use these to create the anchor text that point to that page. Target keywords and anchor text are not exclusive to the home page. An optimized website has internal links directing users to other page on the site.

Keeping your internal links 'clean' by displaying more content on each page, use robots.txt and meta robots exclusion tags to prevent duplicate content and other low information or non-relevant pages from being indexed and make sure you fix any broken links and redirect old linked pages to their new locations.

Finally, make sure your primary pages are linked high in the site structure.

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