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Perhaps one of the most coveted accomplishments in the country is college education. With so much to do to graduate, and so much to repay in college fund after graduation, you’re probably better off knowing a little bit more about some of the most popular and best universities in Rochester. Some of the owners of the best Internet marketing services companies in town attended these schools.

The national average cost of tuition currently stands at $15,523, while the median earning after six years of graduation is $33,208 nationally. So, with that in mind, let’s check out the top five best colleges in Rochester.

University of Rochester

With an acceptance rate of just 36%, it’s actually quite hard getting into probably the best University Rochester has to offer. However, once you’re in, chances of actually making it through all the way to graduation is 85%. That means you’re almost sure you’ll get your college tuition’s worth of education, which is $34,170 on average per year. 92% of graduates are guaranteed a spot in their respective fields of study after graduation, earning an average $57,500 a year after six years on the job.

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Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology comes in second with an average acceptance rate of 55%. It will cost you $29,111 for a year’s worth of tuition, but with a graduation rate of 66%, just make sure you never miss a class. On the bright side, 93% of students secure employment within two years of graduation, earning an average $60,600 per year, six years into employment. The president of Atomic Design Rochester, NY went to RIT.

St. John Fisher College

It will cost you an average $27,291 per year to secure a college education at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, and the probability you’ll get accepted in the first place is currently 65%. However, the chances of making it through to graduation are considerably good, at 73%. It seems employers love graduates from this University with 95% of them securing employment within two years of graduating. In the end, graduates earn $45,600 on average, after six years of graduation. There are more than a few Rochester famous people who attended Fisher.

Hobart and William Smith College

With an acceptance rate of just under 60% Hobart and William Smith College in Rochester is probably one of the colleges with favorable acceptance rates in the state. Tuition costs $38,805 per year, with 77% of students making it all the way on average. Chances of getting a job currently stand at 94% after two years of graduation, with the median earnings six years underemployment presently sat $51,200 on average.

Rochester NY Best Colleges Nazareth College Rochester NYSUNY Geneseo College

SUNY Geneseo College is another favorite college in Rochester, with an average acceptance rate of 77%, so chances of getting in are quite high. Tuition costs slightly above the national average, at $17,283. Chances of graduation from the college are 81%, and you stand a 93% chance of getting a job after graduation. Graduates make an average $46,700 on average, six years into employment.

Winding up

The numbers cited above are based on data from The US Department of Education. College tuition is the cost after one receives a grant of scholarship aid. Well, there you have it. You are now in the know. Many Rochester agency employees attended these schools.





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