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Nashville TN Suburbs brentwood tn building EIGHT OF THE BEST SUBURBS NASHVILLE

Nashville plays host to some of the most peaceful and serene suburbs brushing the edges of Nashville City. You are probably wondering where to stay if you’ve already got the hang of city life. Here are the best suburbs in Nashville.

8. Brentwood

Brentwood has to be the first in the list of best suburbs, it is a leafy suburb with excellent craftsmanship and Tudor style homes on large lots for potential buyers. Residents can enjoy hiking, biking, picnics and playing on over 800 acres of land which is a park and a greenway. The suburb has a convenient shopping center easily accessible, with a quick access to town. This is one of the areas the owner of our website development firm is looking into. This current Rochester web design company is looking forward to relocating.

7. Nolensville

Nolensville carries with it a small town vibe, but stroll has plenty of space for spreading out lovely new construction. The suburb is also in close proximity to the Nolensville Park which has a kid’s playground. The suburb is also in close proximity to the library, with local boutiques and specialty stores along Nolensville road providing a unique small town shopping experience.

6. Kingston Springs

This suburb is essential as it provides a variety of housing options for potential homeowners. The suburb commonly has a lot of cottages sprawling farmhouse style. It is also close to the golf club in Tennessee. It sits on 23 acres of well-maintained land complete with close proximity to the park. It is a close-knit community with only about 3000 residents.

5. Mount Juliet

This is a growing suburb, with colonial and farmhouse style houses for potential homeowners. The suburb is close to the mount Juliet farmers market and the providence marketplace, home to a huge number of big-name retailers. The nearby long hunter state park is a perfect place for lovers and families to explore.

4. Thompson station

This suburb can be considered one of the most secure suburbs in Nashville with only about 521 crimes per 100,000 people. The suburb offers Gatlinburg style homes with plenty of space to utilize. The suburb also has scenic rolling hills and farmland, wide open spaces at Heritage Park, and presence of local produce at the station farmers market. If you perform an SEO Nashville search you can learn more.

3. Pleasant view

If looking for a close-knit society, pleasant view is the perfect place. With ranch and farmhouse style homes, space is not a problem for potential home buyers in this area. The suburb also has plenty of community events at the old town district, which brings members of the suburb together assisting in socializing. It is also conveniently situated close to 1-24, making it an advantage for commuters and easy to support the many Nahville sports teams.

2. White House

Nashville TN Suburbs nolensville tn town hall

This suburb is still a growing suburb, providing an opportunity for homeowners to settle here while there is still space. The suburb consists of ranch, colonial and craftsman style homes on large private plots of land. Residents in this suburb get to enjoy the beautiful weather at white house Municipal Park, which as a large playground for the kid, courts and fields. The suburb is also close to a nature trail, adding to the number of activities one can enjoy.

1. Spring Hill

With a population of around 30,000 people, this suburb s a great place for residents looking for a safe laid back environment with plenty of amenities. The suburb also offers a wide array of home choices for potential homeowners, from chic modern condos to cozy farmhouse and craftsman style homes. The suburb is also in close proximity to the king creek golf club, the Harvey Park, and playgrounds.

Winding up

You’ll probably have to make the mile to experience Nashville’s nightlife, but these suburbs will probably wipe out your craving for loud music and city lights. With a diverse population, amazing parks for kids and tranquillity all year round, you can never go wrong while looking to settle in any of these suburbs.


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