What is Usability Testing?

Website usability testing addresses all forms of engagement users have with your website. It takes the guesswork out of what actions users are taking on your website, and provides insight on potential marketing funnels.

What is the Purpose of a Usability Test?

  • User testing is an essential element of quality assurance.
  • User interface testing is a true gauge of how visitors use your website.
  • User experience testing enables you to maximize your website's effectiveness.
  • Website usability testing evaluates the ease at which users can achieve the desired results on your website.

User Testing Analyzes the Following UX (User Experience) Elements:

  • Consistent site navigation and structure across the site.
  • Page layout consistency throughout the website.
  • An easily identifiable search mechanism to enable immediate retrieval of information.
  • Clear, concise content that includes clickable, user-friendly hyperlinked text.
  • The inclusion of a sitemap that acts as a table of contents for the entire website
  • The use of legible fonts and an adequate use of color to highlight and organize information and/or features

Usability testing is essential to maximizing your website’s user experience and conversions.

Where Usability Testing Falls in our Digital Marketing Approach

Our Digital Marketing Approach


Understanding how current users are finding you will help you attract new visitors.


Impress your users with an intuitive site that’s been optimized to fit their needs.


Improve conversion rates with marketing funnels created through usability testing.