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Fun Facts About Rochester NY Skating Rochester NY 12 08 copy

Skating downtown Rochester, NY 12-08

Fun Facts about the History of Rochester

Granted, every city in the world has at least one fun fact about it. Well, Rochester’s list is endless with so much history majorly derived from the industrialization, modernization and civilization eras. We scoured the internet to find the best of the best fun facts about Rochester you probably didn’t know. Here are 15 fun facts about the City of Rochester.

  1. Fun Facts About Rochester NY Skating Rochester NY 12 08 copy

    Skating downtown Rochester, NY 12-08

    It is believed that Colonel and shrewd Businessman Nathaniel Rochester is the City’s founding father, dating back to 1817. The city was initially named “Rochesterville,” but it was later shortened to Rochester as it is known today.

  2. The City’s most historic nicknames are ‘Flour City’ and “Flower City” owing to the thriving flour and seed industries at the time.
  3. It probably should also be dubbed “Snow City”. Rochester is one of the snowiest cities in the country. It receives an average of 89.3 inches of snow on average every year.
  4. Rochester and photography are synonyms. The Kodak headquarters are in the City, but probably the most famous photography history is the name “Xerox”, which was founded there in 1906 as a paper and equipment company. It would later take over the copier industry during the 1960s.
  5. Legendary photography company Kodak, designed the camera that would capture the moment Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.
  6. Significant parts of the film “Amazing Spiderman 2” was filmed in Rochester. They also hired lots of local artists and actors as extras in the movie.
  7. Our website design agency has been creating web design in Rochester since 2004 but was founded in 1996 in Atlanta, GA.
  8. The Rochester Marshmallow Company was the very first company in the United States to mass-produce the fluffy treats.
  9. The city is one of the heaviest exporters in the country, with over $1 billion worth of exports, mostly from Kodak and Xerox. That makes it the biggest exporter in Per Capita basis.
  10. Rochester is also home to perhaps the most spectacular waterfalls in the country. The Genesee River plunges 96 feet down to the huge gorge located at the northern edge of downtown Rochester. Our Internet marketing services company used to be located right near here.
  11. Fun Facts About Rochester NY Broad Street Aqueduct in Rochester NY 3The very first thermometers manufactured in America were done in Rochester by David Kendall and David Taylor back in the year 1851.
  12. If you simply can’t take your hotdog, burger or sandwich without adding some mustard, well you should probably know the very first mustard was manufactured in Rochester by R.T. French Company in 1904.
  13. If you are looking for a place to settle in the state of New York, you should probably consider Rochester. Why? The real estate market in Rochester is by far the least expensive, with a median housing price of $83,000.
  14. You probably know the inventor of Breakfast Cereal to be James Caleb Jackson. You should probably know that he called Rochester home.
  15. The Pledge of Allegiance as you know it today was written by a Rochester native Francis Bellamy.
  16. The longest ever professional baseball game featured the Rochester Red Wings, with 33 innings in the year 1981.

Bonus Fact: The first ever Dentist’s chair was designed in Rochester, NY. So, next time you go for a cavity check-up, you can probably share that fun fact with the guy in the white coat! Next up, Rochester, NY population facts.

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