Brand Strategy and Market Positioning

Use brand strategy and market positioning to give your company a unique and competitive voice.

Strengthen Your Brand

Our mission is help our customers thrive online by standing out in their highly competitive markets. Atomic Design will help you:

Brand Strategy and Market Positioning for Competitive Advantage

Atomic Design is a full-service digital marketing company that combines brand and market strategy with the single most powerful marketing tool on the planet - the Internet. Both have a mutual dependency as markets have become far more competitive, products and services are becoming more commoditized and consumers have a global marketplace from which they can find a solution to their needs.

A strategic brand position becomes the short, highly focused, highly relevant message about your company. It is the foundation for every activity conducted by your company. The brand strategy encompass all of the positive and negative associations, perceptions and experiences a customer has about the company. The sum of these will define the brand equity or value for the customer. Formal research confirms where brand equity or value is high or higher than its competing brands. The customer will always include it as one of the top three brands in their consideration set. Which is exactly where every company would like to be.

Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

Our dedication to innovative and collaborative strategic practices, combined with effective Internet marketing, we will take your company to the next level of awareness, performance, competitive positioning and market presence. The Atomic Design digital marketing methodology is a powerful engine for healthy business growth in evolving markets, an Internet based business society, and a global marketplace.

Atomic Design's customers outperform the competition by insightfully plotting a competitive white space, and enabling them to effectively deliver on a relevant and differentiating message. Our customers' use of the single most powerful marketing tool, the Internet, becomes vastly more powerful when it is combined with a sound strategic intention.

The Atomic Design Marketing Model

1. Develop brand and market positioning that aligns our client's interests with those of its customers. The positioning acts as a strategic foundation for marketing, and builds the value of the brand as an asset.

2. Connect people inside the company with a unified brand strategy to maintain competitive strength and drive growth by:

  • Creating a more innovative culture.
  • Aligning people, processes, and behavior with strategy.

3. Create efficient and sustainable internal innovation teams.

4. Apply metrics to measure performance of market directed activities.

5. We provide customer retention strategy to solidfy relationships and identify latent opportunity to drive incremental growth.

Our Value Model

It's more important to say what you believe and see who follows than to chase closed minds.

We keep score by asking three questions that relate to our value.

  1. Did we help someone accomplish something they didn't think they could?
  2. Did we help our customer see the world as it is instead of the way they hope it would be?
  3. Did we help our customer grow in a quantum way?

It's really very simple. We help our customers outperform their competition.

Our Strategic Value to Our Market

Through our engagement, our customers understand and, connect more effectively with their market in order to set a course for healthy growth. Our value model is based on helping our clients identify and close critical performance gaps, while also developing a customer centered market approach, through a clear understanding of their customer's world.