Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website's rankings on search engine result pages. Improved rankings are achieved through a number of onsite and off-site optimization tactics. SEO is the most cost effective form of Internet marketing.

Why does your company need SEO services?

A majority of customers begin the purchasing process with an Internet search, it’s imperative to rank for the keywords your target market is using. Only 25% of users go beyond the first page of results when they are using a search engine. An effective SEO strategy will help you rank higher and drive targeted traffic to your site.

The Atlanta SEO Process

We conduct the necessary research to understand how your audience is searching for your services. We use this information to create a custom SEO strategy for your Atlanta based company, selecting the most appropriate SEO services and tactics to take on your unique challenges. Our SEO strategies incorporate everything from producing compelling content to creating PPC campaigns and landing pages.

Our Atlanta Office offers the following SEO services

Relevant content is one the most influential factors for ranking high on search engines. It’s important to continuously update site content, and target keywords to ensure you are providing value to your audience and showing up for the terms they’re searching for.

Maximize your page conversions with landing pages that have been optimized for search and user experience. They are typically created in conjunction with another SEO tactic such as PPC campaigns or email marketing. After an initial interaction (clicking an a Google ad) users are sent a landing page and prompted to complete a form. Landing pages collect user information and convert visitors into leads.

Adding compelling calls to action to your site will encourage visitors to complete actions like completing a contact form. Suggestive graphics persuade users to take desired actions, optimizing your site’s conversion funnel. They are statically proven to drastically increase conversion rates.

Email marketing is an incredibly cost effect method of marketing you products or services to current and potential customers. Not to brag, but we kind of experts, in the year 2013 Atomic Design sent over 5,000,000 newsletters on behalf of our clients. We track a number of metrics and consistently optimize our approach to ensure your message is reaching its intended audience.

Outrank your competition and drive targeted traffic to your site with our SEO services. We’ll conduct research to determine the terms your audience is using to find you and optimize your site to increase rankings, traffic, and conversion rates.